What to Expect

You can count on superior care and excellent service from Copperfield Animal Clinic! 

If you are a first-time pet owner of a puppy or a kitten, expect regular visits a few weeks apart for the first few months of your furry friend’s life.

When you first get your puppy or kitten, we recommend that you bring them to the clinic within the first week of bringing them home, even if they were already seen by a vet before pick up from a breeder. It’s common for pets to get an upset stomach when they start their new life (usually due to stress or a new diet.) Waiting for a few days before visiting us will help your furry friend settle in first. You will also get more information on their personality and behavior that you can report to us.

On your first visit with us, we will recommend a vaccination plan for your pet that will include core/required vaccines and non-core vaccines which are based on their lifestyle.

We recommend annual exams for adult pets, and semi-annual exams for senior pets. Depending on the age and health of your pet, routine diagnostics are also recommended.