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All Pets must be up to date on all vaccinations required by Copperfield Animal Clinic.
Canines: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis, Influenza H3N2 AND H3N8, Bordetella within past 6 months.
Felines: Rabies, FVRCP, Negative Felv/FIV test (within 12 months), Feline Leukemia for indoor/outdoor patients.

If proof of these are not provided, any required items will be completed upon admission to Copperfield Animal Clinic and added to your bill. Please keep in mind that boarding services are offered to our clients, meaning an established relationship between our doctors and you and your pet. To maintain this relationship a once-yearly exam is required. Once satisfied, your pet may board here any time during the next 365 days. An exam performed elsewhere is not satisfactory for this requirement.

While boarding, your pet(s) may be at an increased risk of contracting a respiratory illness. While we take every precaution possible to avoid undue stress and illness, please be aware that immunizations do not prevent your pet from getting sick – they only prevent the most virulent form of the disease.

If your pet becomes ill while boarding the doctor will examine them and treat accordingly. You will be responsible for these charges. We ask for a telephone number where we can reach you if your pet is very ill. We will not contact you if the problem is not deemed serious, unless you specify below.
A good number for reaching you or an individual that can make medical decisions for your pet.
For example, if you select No and your pet develops diarrhea, we may check a fecal sample and start medications without contacting you.
In the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, I would like the following: CPR DNR

Should an emergency arise, I authorize the veterinarian and staff to perform such procedures as may be necessary until I can be contacted. For example, if my pet has a vaccine reaction, the veterinarian may administer Diphenhydramine and any other treatment necessary for said reaction, and such treatments added to the bill.
Standard Consent Form
I am the owner of the animal described and have the authority to execute this consent. I hereby authorize the following procedure(s):

I understand that during the performance of the medical or surgical procedure(s) above, unforeseen conditions may be revealed that require additional or alternative medical or surgical procedure(s) than described above. I hereby consent to and authorize the performance of such medical or surgical procedure(s) as necessary and desirable in exercise of the veterinarian’s judgement.

I also authorize the use of appropriate anesthetics and medications and I understand that the hospital support staff will be employed as deemed necessary by the veterinarian. I have also been advised as to the nature of the procedure(s) or operation(s) and the risks involved. I realize that results cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that boarding is charged per night starting the day of arrival. We do offer Sunday pick-up at the times listed below. Prepayment for the entire boarding stay/services rendered is expected if you intend to pick-up on Sunday at either of the times available. Sunday pick up is not available on holidays.
8:30-9am – No additional fee. 4:30-5:30pm – Half-night fee
To ensure our boarding facility remains parasite free, every pet is given Capstar upon arrival that will kill any adult fleas that may be present – this is included in the boarding cost. If any live parasites are found we will administer the proper anti-parasite medication and the cost of this will be added to the final invoice.
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