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Boarding Policy Agreement
______ General Policy: It is the policy of COPPERFIELD ANIMAL CLINIC (hereby referred to as CAC) to provide conscientious, compassionate, affectionate, and individual care for each animal left in our trust. We will provide clean, sanitary and safe quarters

______ Boarding Charges: Charges are applied per night. All pets will be checked-in and checked-out during regular business hours

______ Sunday Pick-Up: There are two time periods for pets to be picked up on Sundays. Our kennel crew cannot process transactions on Sundays, and so CAC requires payment at check-in. If your pet is not picked up during our AM or PM shifts on Sunday, an extra night will be added to your account. There is no additional charge for Sunday AM pick up, and a half-night charge is required for Sunday PM pick up.

______ Anti-parasite Requirements: All pets must enter clean and free of ticks, fleas, and intestinal parasites. Pets must be on a monthly flea prevention (e.g. Advantage products, Frontline products, Trifexis or Comfortis, Sentinel, Bravecto, etc – please ask for further clarification). Similarly, I understand every pet checked in and boarding at least one night will be given a dose of Capstar, at no cost to me, which will kill any adult flea that may be present. If a pet enters in a condition needing treatment for either flea, tick, or intestinal parasites, CAC will apply these treatments at my expense.

______ Vaccinations: To ensure the protection of all animals under the care of CAC, and to prevent the spread of infectious disease, boarded animals must be current on all vaccines. Owners must submit written verification from a veterinarian that their animal(s) have been vaccinated to satisfaction.
Canines: DHPP, Rabies, Influenza H3N2 and H3N8, Leptospirosis, and Bordetella within prior 6 months
Felines: Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV. Proof of negative FeLV/FIV test must be on file.
**Indoor-only cats may waive FeLV requirement, signed at check-in
If proof of vaccination is not provided, the vaccines may be performed at my (the owner’s) expense. If I decline these services, my pet will not be boarded at CAC.

______ Puppy/Kitten Waiver: CAC may provide isolated boarding to puppies/kittens that have not completed their veterinarian-recommended vaccination series. Such patients are not fully immunized and as such run additional risk of contracting illness. CAC will place these patients in isolation.

______ Playtime Release: If I choose to add on the additional “Playtime Service” to my pets’ stay, I authorize the CAC staff to take my pet(s) for playtimes. By signing, I agree not to hold CAC responsible for injury to persons, property, or other pets caused by my pet or inflicted on my pet. I understand and agree that during normal dog play, my pet may sustain injuries. All dog play times are monitored by our personnel to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments and other injuries may occur despite such supervision.

______ Your Agent: You must provide an alternative/emergency contact (Your Agent) that you authorize us to contact in the event that you are unreachable. You agree that your agent has your full authority to make all decisions including, but not limited to: expenditure of funds and veterinary treatments, and/or procedures. In the event that another person is to pick up your pet, you agree to provide that person’s name to CAC staff and authorize our releasing to them. We require all charges to be paid for at the time of check-in if someone else is picking up your pet. NO EXCEPTIONS.

______ Payment of Fees: I understand that all charges are due and payable upon my pet’s discharge. A deposit may be required for an extended stay prior to or during my pet’s reservation.

______ Holidays/Long Weekends: A deposit of $50 is required for any long weekend/holiday time period. This payment is due the month of the holiday, or within 30 days of the holiday. For example, for Thanksgiving week CAC will be contacting clients at the beginning of November to collect the deposit. If the estimate is less than $100, 50% of the estimate will be collected as the deposit. Holiday periods include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break, and 4th of July periods. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

______ Loss of Property Waiver: CAC is not responsible for personal items such as, but not limited to: collars, leashes, toys, bedding, and carriers. Though every effort is made to care for these items, they are left at your own risk. As such, we do not accept items. Exceptions may be made, but CAC is not liable for lost or damaged property

______ Limitation of Liability: CAC pledges to give appropriate care to all boarded pets, but cannot guarantee the health of any animal. By signing, I agree to release CAC from all liability for conditions that are often unavoidable during boarding environments including, but not limited to: Weight loss, rough hair coat, kennel cough, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, vomiting, and intestinal parasites including Giardia. Furthermore, I agree not to hold CAC liable for harm to persons, property, or other pets caused by my pet or inflicted upon my pet. For animals sharing a kennel, I have reviewed the Shared Accommodation Waiver. Similarly, I understand and agree that there is a risk my pet could chew, swallow, and/or ingest completely or part of bedding, towels, toys, or any object other than food and water, and will not hold CAC accountable for treatment resulting from this.

______ Emergencies and Medical Treatments: I hereby authorize CAC to provide any medical exam and/or treatments at the discretion and judgement of the veterinarian including, but not limited to: surgery, X-rays, lab tests, anesthetics, medicines, or any other treatment resulting from an emergency situation. I understand and realize that the results cannot be guaranteed by CAC. I also agree that I will be responsible the charges incurred for any of these circumstances.

______ Continuing Agreement: I agree that by executing this agreement, the provisions hereof constitute a continuing agreement between CAC and myself for any subsequent boarding of my pet(s).

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